Executive Team

Linda Kahler


Leadership role at Rainbow Light since 1985, 36 years' experience in natural products channel

"I was deeply moved by the transformative impact simple changes in diet, lifestyle and supplement use can make in people's health while working as a teenager in the '70s at a very popular and progressive health food store. I remember, in particular, watching a cancer survivor fight her way back to health after exhausting the options available to her through Western medicine at that time. To this day, this mission to make a difference in people's health is embedded into the fabric of Rainbow Light in a way that recognizes the integral relationship between personal and planetary health, and that of our global community as well. I've been proud and honored to play a role in building and guiding our team and our culture since 1985 to deliver on these goals."

My favorite Rainbow Light product?

"As I was approaching the mid-century mark a few years ago, I have to admit I became a bit age-obsessed. On the plus side, it allowed me to take a much more personal look at everything 'healthy-aging' that I could do. Perfect timing that we launched our Omega Performance line. Our Omega Skin & Mood has become a daily staple that's given me not only noticeably healthier skin, but also has really helped to balance my mood. All while contributing to ocean conservancy and our environmental stewardship, through our EcoGuard bottles, FishGel gelatin capsules, sustainably farmed small species fish, and contributions to Plant-A-Fish foundation. Working to keep me and our planet and oceans healthy and beautiful!

Another staple is our Allergy Rescue. As a long-time allergy sufferer, with a continuous stream throughout the year of various seasonal allergens here in Santa Cruz, Allergy Rescue comes in handy. I take it at night during peak season to wake up clear, and then again in the morning to stay clear - all day long. Plus no drowsiness or over-drying, so I can use it whenever I need to. So, as we say - "the only side effect is better health!"

Sharon Minski

Vice President Operations & Administration

7 years at Rainbow Light, 11 years in the natural products channel

"Throughout my time at Rainbow Light, I have been inspired by the way our team starts with an idea of how to empower people to support their health and works diligently to make that idea blossom into a full-fledged product on the shelf. The fact that we continue to develop innovative, research-based products that deliver a difference in how people feel is a testament to the talent and dedication we have at Rainbow Light. A lot of hard work, skill, expertise and commitment from all departments is required to see a product from conception to its arrival in retail stores. I grew up in a family that has always valued nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, so working at Rainbow Light only strengthens that emphasis for me."

My favorite Rainbow Light product?

"My favorite Rainbow Light product is Busy Brain Release. When I am having a stressful day and cannot seem to focus, Busy Brain helps bring that focus in and I am able to get the tasks of the day accomplished. It also helps me get to sleep on those nights when I cannot seem to shut off the never-ending list in my head."

Michael Galef

Vice President, Marketing

25+ years in CPG

"I’ve been involved in the health, food, and nutrition arena for over twenty-five years. Finally, I can see progress in the way that people are taking care of themselves. More and more Americans now realize that the combination of supplements and simple dietary changes can literally transform their lives for the better.

I’m lucky to be part of that transformation by working as an advisory board member for the Southern California American Diabetes Association, collaborating with the principles of The Doctor’s TV show, as well as launching brands that define how functional foods play a role in keeping people healthy and motivated to stay fit. At Rainbow Light I will continue this tradition by promoting and developing totally new and different products that help consumers keep their edge for work, family, and whatever else life throws their way."

My favorite Rainbow Light product?

"As a life-long board sport enthusiast, runner, cyclist and yoga devotee, in addition to raising three tireless, athletic boys, I’m a convert to a daily base regimen that includes, Energizer One Multivitamin, Omega Cardio Performance and Probioactive 1B. I also add Acai Berry Protein Energizer to my pre-dawn morning workout – a gluten free clean brown rice protein that literally kick starts me every morning."

Jim Ford

Vice President, Global Sales

25+ years in CPG, 17 years in the Natural Channel

"I find the natural products industry compelling because of its socially responsible business models. Within this structure, a company can generate good and profit at the same time; environmentally, globally, and in the community… and that community can be anywhere. Many natural products companies begin from a passion to meet a need. There are great stories behind this industry which make a powerful difference in the world. Rainbow Light has that kind of passion and I'm inspired by this opportunity."

My favorite Rainbow Light product?

"I travel often and having a single tablet for a multivitamin is a great advantage to packing light. Men's One Multivitamin gives me energy and helps me to stay well when I’m on the road. And since eating right when I’m away from home can be challenging, I feel better knowing that I’m getting essential nutrients and whole foods to round out my diet every day."

Our Formulators

Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., L.Ac., A.H.G.

Director of Integrative Science, Fourth-generation Herbalist, Author of over 20 books

29 years at Rainbow Light

"My mom raised my brother and me with a wholesome diet that was unusual for southern California in the 1950s. Her mother was a health food activist. As a Christian Scientist, she believed that it was our duty to maintain a healthy mind and body. My mother had a picture she made with thread and cloth as a young teenager that showed her sleeping in a bed under an open window with the curtains blowing with fresh air, and a table with whole eggs, vegetables, fruits and grains. We always had a big raw salad daily, and I have maintained this today. We didn't have any processed food in the house that I can recall. This gave me a great start, but when I left home I experimented with the "fast food diet," lots of burgers and processed foods, and anything else that I didn't have at home--my desires ran wild. This led to my health literally falling apart in a year or two, with an eventual inspiration that my ancestors tried to pass on to me a valuable gift--the idea that health is our most precious asset! I met and studied with Paul Bragg and began fasting and eating a mostly raw, healthy diet. Though my dietary habits have changed through the years, I still maintain a whole foods diet with lots of nutritious and varied foods. I still feel the simplicity of my mother's picture, keeping it whole, simple, and nutritious.

In the 1980s I began working with the newly-formed Rainbow Light because I wanted to pass on the excitement and understanding that nutrition does have a deep influence on our health, mental and emotional outlook, and longevity. I was grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge, experience, and passion with a wider audience, and not with just ideas, but with actual products that were skillfully and consciously formulated to make a measurable difference in people's lives. I continue to feel grateful for the opportunity of years of creative input in most of the products Rainbow Light offers."

My favorite Rainbow Light product?

"I have been a big fan of Advanced Nutritional System since it was created, years ago. My passion for maintaining an exceptional diet, that provides my body with the nutrients it requires is on-going, but I often travel, and this means I eat foods that while usually simple and wholesome, may be missing some nutritional factors. Besides, I often feel that taking a well-made nutritional supplement daily with added whole food concentrates is the best form of insurance I can buy! I am very much in favor of prevention of the many diseases we become more susceptible to as we age.

Besides ANS, I am a big fan of Counter Attack. We always have it on hand and our whole family and extended family use it regularly. I also love the Super C Powder, because I like the sour flavor, and the red color. I know I am getting extracts of foods with "side benefits" that I highly respect for maintaining my health--grape skin, citrus flavonoids, and cranberry juice concentrate."

Marci Clow, MS, RD

Senior Director of Product Research

13 years at Rainbow Light, 14 years as Registered Dietitian, including nutritional counseling in hospital setting

"My lifelong passion for good food and a healthy lifestyle led me down the career path of food service and dietetics. While I enjoyed counseling patients and working in a clinical setting, I had a real interest in researching Integrative Medicine with the goal of playing my part to bridge the gap between allopathic and alternative medicine.

I started working at Rainbow Light in 1998, with mixed feelings about working for a supplement company. Traditional training in the field of dietetics is generally quite biased against the use of supplements and limited to the notion of 'getting all your nutrients from food', but realistically how many people consume five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day? With so many consumers using dietary supplements, as a dietitian I wanted to know more about their efficacy and decided the best way to do so was to immerse myself, and here I am 13 years later.

Rainbow Light has given me the education that should be part of the standard dietetics curriculum. In a nutshell, when combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, dietary supplements can make a huge difference in both short- and long-term health of all consumers."

My favorite Rainbow Light product?

"Rejuvenage 40+ Multivitamin. This product provides all the nutrients needed to fill in those dietary gaps on the days I get a less-than-adequate diet, it gives me energy to keep up with my two children, and I consider it part of my 'insurance policy' to protect my long-term health."

Michele McRae

Senior Director of New Product Development

13 years at Rainbow Light, 18 years as Certified Nutritionist

"I grew up with a very high awareness of nutrition and health. My parents were both healthy and super fit. They played tournament tennis on the weekends. We ate only healthy foods, no sweets, and took supplements. My interests followed in college and I studied nutrition, food science and lots of chemistry. After graduating in Nutritional Science and Dietetics at UC Davis, and working in hospitals, I decided my personal whole-foods-eating, taking supplements belief system was not aligned with that of most dietitians and working in hospitals. I did a 360 and went to work managing a large local health store to learn supplements from the ground up as this is where my passion and interest led me.

From there I was drawn to clinical usage of supplements and holistic medicine/healing, so I aligned myself with holistic MDs to do nutritional counseling. I loved seeing results with patients, so I earned my CN (Certified Nutritionist) designation so I could do nutritional counseling on my own. I was drawn to supplements at my core, the highest end supplements and their powers to support healing and making positive changes in people.

Rainbow Light has been a perfect fit for me. I’m so proud to be involved with formulating and launching the highest quality supplements. It is such a thrill to see a new product come off the line, to physically try it and feel an experiential difference!

As it turns out maybe this was hereditary, as my grandfather worked as formulator for Thompson vitamins. I had never thought of this during my career path, but my mom kept reminding me. Now she is 93, still living independently and Rainbow Light Super C Powder is her favorite product."

My favorite Rainbow Light product?

"There are three:

#1 Complete B-complex – My favorite energy and mood booster! I can take this at 3:00 in the afternoon, it gives me a big energy boost to finish my work for the day, and it puts me in a great mood! Best of all after my workday I have the energy for my workout! I sleep better too. I love this product!

#2 Counter Attack – Dial M for miracle! No matter what I’m coming down with, this nips it in the bud, makes me feel better right away and fights the bug off! Always relieves my sore throat, fever and congestion.

#3 Advanced Enzyme Optima – If I eat something that makes me feel bloated and a little off, I take two capsules and any discomfort and bloat just melt away. It’s the perfect combination of enzymes, pre and probiotics, to put you back in balance."

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