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Omega Performance delivers with science-based formulas and reduced "Fin" Print

Santa Cruz, Calif. (March 9, 2011) - Over three quarters of all supplement consumers turn to omega supplements for a range of health benefits, according to an online survey conducted by Consumer Labs in February. Rainbow Light's new Omega Performance™ formulas are the latest innovation when it comes to omega-3 supplementation. Comprehensive, bio-balanced Omega Performance formulas deliver more advanced levels of targeted, condition-specific health benefits, while reducing the impact on our environment and addressing crucial safety, purity and sustainability concerns.

Each formula delivers research-based potencies of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) for the consumer target (Heart, Brain or Skin and Mood) combined with therapeutic potencies of ingredients that are carefully chosen for the same target, making it simple for the consumer to find the right product for their health need.

Did you know?

Thirty percent of Alaskan salmon begins life in fisheries where they eat abundant smaller fish which can lead to bioaccumulation of toxins.

Six pounds of fish is required as feed to produce one pound of farmed salmon.

Rainbow Light is the first brand to offer targeted omega formulas in 100 percent FishGel softgels. Omega Cardio Performancee™ is the only product that combines potent EPA and DHA with CoQ10, vitamin D and plant sterols at the researched levels shown to support heart health, cholesterol management and an anti-inflammatory effect.

"Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide," says certified nutritionist Michele McRae, Rainbow Light's senior director of new product development. "Inflammation is a common pathway for heart disease, and omega-3 is shown to support cardiovascular health and address inflammation, while plant sterols have been shown to lower cholesterol and CoQ10 is supported by research for heart health and energy and may be depleted by long-term statin use. We've seen the Mayo Clinic support use of all these three ingredients and are the first to offer a combined product."

Omega Brain Performancee™ promotes healthy aging and brain function with researched levels of DHA, huperzine A, phosphatidylserine and ginkgo to support memory, focus and vision.

Omega Skin & Mood™ reduces visible signs of aging and promotes balanced mood with optimal EPA and DHA ratios, GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) from Primrose, plus Resvinol-25e™ and astaxanthin. These ingredients are studied for their beneficial effects on skin hydration and appearance, heart health and hormonal balance.

Rainbow Light uses only smaller fish species such as anchovies and sardines, as they are not endangered, repopulate more quickly and accumulate fewer toxins than larger fish like salmon. These fish are wild-caught in pristine Peruvian waters, the number one ranked fishery ecosystem in the world (outperforming the U.S., Norway and New Zealand). Responsible fishing methods employed by our suppliers strictly control the amount of each catch to eliminate overfishing.

The fish oils harvested are molecularly distilled and encapsulated at the source to guarantee the highest purity, quality and freshness. Rainbow Light's Omega Performance supplements are California Prop 65 compliant and, like all Rainbow Light products, sold in 100 percent post-consumer recycled, 100 percent recyclable Eco•Guard® bottles which reduces the bottle carbon footprint by 92 percent and keeps millions of bottles from landfills and oceans.

For more information on Rainbow Light's Omega Performance product line visit www.rainbowlight.com.

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