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Rainbow Light Helps Save 20,000 Endangered Sea Turtles

Santa Cruz, Calif. (April 5, 2012) - Rainbow Light extends its commitment to environmental stewardship into ocean conservation through a partnership with Plant A Fish®. 

Globally, sea turtles are highly endangered with populations less than 10 percent of their original numbers, but thanks to the efforts of conservationists, some species of sea turtles that were thought to be functionally extinct are showing some signs of coming back. Rainbow Light has partnered with Fabien Cousteau, third generation ocean explorer, environmental ambassador and founder of Plant A Fish, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to encouraging proactive participation in the restoration of our world’s oceans, to save endangered sea turtle hatchlings in El Salvador. The organization, now in its second year, also educates and engages local communities toward stewardship and restoration efforts for their local marine environments. In 2012, Rainbow Light’s contributions to Plant A Fish will save an estimated 20,000 sea turtle hatchlings and provide field trips for disadvantaged children in the local area to visit the site and release hatchlings, so that they in turn, can become active stewards of their environment.

Through the sales of Rainbow Light’s Omega Brain Performance™, Omega Cardio Performance™ and Omega Skin & Mood™ fish oil supplements, Rainbow Light directly contributes to helping restore the sea turtle populations in El Salvador. These products uniquely deliver research-based levels of pure Omega-3 EPA and DHA, along with natural, leading-edge ingredients for maximum heart health, brain health and skin and mood balance. Rainbow Light leaves a small fin print on our environment by using only small, wild catch fish from Peru, the world’s number one sustainable fishery eco-system1 and the oils are third-party tested to ensure exceptional purity and safety. Additionally, only Rainbow Light uses Eco•Guard® bottles that reduce our carbon footprint by 92 percent.2

“The more sea turtles we release into the wild, the more likely we are to save the species,” says Mr. Cousteau. “As an all volunteer organization, all our donations go directly to the project itself and not to administrative costs.” Through its local initiative 'Vivazul', Plant A Fish has trained and empowered tortugueros in El Salvador to collect endangered sea turtle nests and eggs that would have otherwise been sold for consumption on the black market. The tortugueros have become conservationists, using their talents to guard the nests and to release the hatchlings back into the marine environment. The program has a 95 percent success rate in hatching the collected eggs, well above the 82 to 85 percent average in nature and other conservation programs. Mr. Cousteau continues, “Last year we collected and released 230,000 sea turtle eggs and plan the same for this year.”

Plant A Fish (PAF) is an active, hands-on outdoor education and restoration experience. With programs seeded in key locations around the world, the core mission focuses on using timeless, universal ecological principles applicable to all natural ecosystems in addition to location-specific subjects, and applying these principles to engage local communities toward stewardship and restoration efforts of their marine environment. The lessons participants learn about nature and sustainable living are relevant everywhere in the world.

For more information on Plant A Fish, visit: www.plantafish.org

Click here for more information on Rainbow Light and its safety, quality and purity standards.

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