EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 12:  A selection of over the counter vitamin supplements is pictured on 12 July 2005. The European Court has decided to tighten rules on the sale of vitamin and minerals. It has been proposed tol ban up to 200 supplements from sale and put restrictions on the upper limits of vitamin doses.  (Photo illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

How To Age & Still Look Your Best

Expert Explains Why Supplements Can Help Fight Aging & Help You Avoid Plastic Surgery As seen on FashionTimes.com Beauty News Who doesn’t wish for a fountain of youth? No wrinkles, aches, or pains — endless youth seems like a dream! But what if we told you we might have the answer to achieving this? Dr. […]


Myth or Fact: Which Foods Cause Acne?

Generations of parents have warned their teenagers to stay away from chocolate and fried foods if they want to keep their skin clear. But one study suggests that perhaps they should have been warning them against dairy products and sugar instead. The dairy-sugar-acne link A 2009 review of 21 observational studies found that the more […]

spirulina powder

Go Green! 3 Clinically Researched Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is a nutrient-dense blue-green algae that contains protein, antioxidants, a plethora of vitamins and minerals, and even essential fatty acids. But aside from its nutritional value, does spirulina have any clinically documented health benefits? Thanks to several recently published studies, we now know the answer is a definitive yes! Here are three of the […]


Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes: Diagnostic Tests & Healthy Lifestyle Choices

By Gloria Chillon Diabetes is among the fastest growing disease in the world today, affecting an estimated 285 million people worldwide in 2013, and estimated to affect 438 million people by 2030.1 This post discusses diagnostic diabetes tests, and healthy lifestyle choices that may help some people to prevent, reverse or keep prediabetes from developing […]


Lee Eisenberg Suggests ‘The Point Is…’ : You Are What You Write

  Fundamentally, it’s how you have come to understand your own existence. Interviewed by Rick Kleffel Everyone is able to intuit the existence of his or her own inner narrator, the ceaseless hamster-wheel of thought, which we sometimes try to turn off. Lee Eisenberg calls that narrator the inner scribbler, and when you hear him […]

Broken Bone? This Herb May Help

For the 51 women who completed the study, the combination of vitex and magnesium was most effective. If someone asked you which supplement builds strong bones, you’d probably say calcium or perhaps vitamin D. And both of those nutrients are critical for bone strength and flexibility. But in the case of healing fractures, there may […]


Current Thinking on Mammograms

Mammograms save lives, right? That’s what we’ve been told for decades, and most 40-plus women place getting one annually right up there with eating fruits and vegetables, exercising, and flossing every day. But how often women need mammograms and at what age they should start getting them regularly is actually a matter of debate. In […]


Jo Marchant’s ‘Cure’ : Prescriptions from Your Internal Pharmacy

  The placebo response to pain works through exactly the same biochemicals as the painkillers…it’s a real effect, you don’t just imagine it. Interviewed by Rick Kleffel Jo Marchant has a scientific background, which makes her writing and journalism particularly lucid and precise. She’s not given to exaggeration, but she’s clearly engaged by what she discovered […]