For Healthy Breasts, Eat Lots of this Veggie (or technically fruit)

If you’re like most women, you’re keenly aware of the importance of breast health. The good news is that you do have some control in this arena, because what you eat has a big impact on your hormones, and your hormones have a big impact on your breast tissue. The question is: which foods are […]


Maintaining Optimal Liver Health and Function

By Gloria Chillon  What is the Liver and What Does it Do? Did you know your liver is the second largest organ of your body and is also a gland? That’s because it secretes chemicals that are used by other parts of your body. Your liver performs hundreds of functions and makes many of the […]


Asthma and Children: Triggers, Tests, Treatments and Lifestyle Choices

 By Gloria Chillon When we breathe, our lungs take in oxygen from the air and remove carbon dioxide from our bodies through small tubes called airways. Asthma, which causes inflammation in the airway walls, making our airways very sensitive to inhaled allergens or irritants, is the leading cause of chronic illness in children. This post […]

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11 Tips That Will Make You Look and Feel Younger

These lifestyle tips promote wellness at every age, and may help stave off some of the effects of aging: By Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D. 1. I always recommend applying an anti-inflammatory oil or cream on the face, neck, and hands where most sun exposure occurs. My top choice is St. John’s wort oil (made with […]

Temple Grandin at the Agricultural Research, Demonstration and Education Center (ARDEC) March 31, 2015

Temple Grandin Minds ‘The Autistic Brain’ : Grading the Gradient

Well, I don’t want to get “cured”. Interviewed by Rick Kleffel Beyond reading ‘The Autistic Brain,’ I knew that there was some sort of preparation I should do before I talked to author Temple Grandin. Watch the HBO movie, I was told. I could have gone to YouTube and looked her up. I decided to […]

Frustrated Mother Suffering From Post Natal Depression

Perinatal Depression: Causes, Risk Factors and Lifestyle Choices to Aid Recovery

By Gloria Chillon Perinatal depression is the term used to cover a range of mood disorders that can affect women during pregnancy and after birth. For more detailed information regarding the different types of perinatal depression, and their signs and symptoms, please see my previous post titled “Perinatal Depression: Stages, Signs and Symptoms”. Possible Causes […]


Lisa Randall Connects ‘Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs’: The Perturber

Unless we know we should be focusing on something, we miss it. Interviewed by Rick Kleffel Lisa Randall has an interesting take on storytelling. While she acknowledges our interest in the lives and stories of quirky scientists, she finds these less compelling than bigger stories of ideas. Her newest book, ‘Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs’ […]