What’s the Scoop on Immunity herbs and supplements?

When cold season hits, it seems that every year there is some trendy new way to beat the common cold. At Rainbow Light, we don’t rely on trends. We study research, advances in the field and tried and true formulations that support immune health.

Immune Support

According to Rainbow Light’s Director of Herbal Science, Christopher Hobbs two of the ingredients that he recommends for immune support are Andrographis and Berberine.

“Andrographis is a bitter herb that comes from tropical countries, and is extremely popular throughout Southeast Asia, China, and India for treating fevers and viral infections. Andrographis and elderberry are possibly the two most scientifically studied and supported herbal remedies for flu. In one recent study (Chuthaputti, 2007)1, after day 4 of the treatments, the group of volunteers treated with acetaminophen and andrographis extract had significantly lower symptoms of cough, fatigue, and other symptoms than the group receiving just acetaminophen.

Berberine Sulfate is shown in many studies to have broad-spectrum antibiotic activity, helping to prevent secondary bacterial infections subsequent to upper respiratory tract viral infection. Berberine sulfate is one of the most important Chinese herbs for preventing many kinds of infections (Scazzocchio et al, 2001). Berberine interferes with adherence of group A strep by two mechanisms—by dissolving lipoteichoic acid-fibronectin complexes, and by releasing the adhesin lipoteichoic acid from the strep cell surface (Sun et al, 1988).” – Christopher Hobbs

Counter Attack™ Immuno-ResponseBoth of these ingredients can be found in Counter Attack™ Immuno-Response, which is a powerful, stimulant-free formula for seasonal distress. This formula does not cause drowsiness, anxiety, jitters, stomach upset or over-drying side effects and is for use at the first sign of discomfort. Counter Attack Immuno-Response provides potent support to mobilize the body’s acute response with clinically proven nutrients and botanicals, including vitamin C and zinc, berberine, andrographis and oregano oil, plus our Clear Relief Complex of botanicals to ease sinus and respiratory discomfort. Counter Attack is safe for children 10 years and older.

What about Recovery?

Much of the focus with natural immune support supplements is on prepping the body to prevent illness or seasonal symptoms. But what about once you get sick?

Vitamin C is highly recommended and Super C 1,000 mg from Rainbow Light is a high-potency Vitamin C grape skin extract, orange and lemon peel, and cranberry and red cabbage to bolster immune health, promote tissue repair and neutralize free radicals for cell protection, all in one tablet per day.*

We asked Michelle McRae, expert formulator for Rainbow Light, Senior Director of New Product Development and Certified Nutritionist, for more information about this important vitamin and why it is so highly recommended.

“Vitamin C and Zinc are both known for their benefits to natural immune function. Cellular levels of vitamin C become significantly depleted with daily stress and especially during infections. Humans do not manufacture Vitamin C as other animals do, and without adequate quantities, the immune response of white blood cells may become compromised.2 This can result in a lesser production of antibodies and a diminished immune response. There is some evidence vitamin C might have other effects in patients with the common cold. Vitamin C might protect normal tissues against reactive oxygen species that are produced by phagocytes during a viral infection. It might also enhance the proliferative responses of T-lymphocytes.3” – Michele McRae

We hope that our experts have shed some light on how to boost your immune system and stay well this winter.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1. [Chuthaputti A et al. 2007. The Efficacy of Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Wall. ex Nees for the Relief of the Symptoms of Influenza. Journal of Thai Traditional & Alternative Medicine 5(3).]
2. [Leibovitz B, Siegel BV. Ascorbic acid and the immune response. Adv Exp Med Biol 1981;135:1-25.]
3. [Hemila H, Herman ZS. Vitamin C and the common cold: a retrospective analysis of Chalmers’ review. J Am Coll Nutr 1995;14:116-23.]

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