Calcium & Minerals

Rainbow Light formulations support energy, resilience, immunity and long-term health for a difference you can feel. All of our formulas are food-based, with nutrient potencies and combinations, based on the latest nutritional science, and we offer targeted formulas to fit your specific needs .
Calcium Citrate Berry Wellness™ Gummies
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Food-Based Calcium™
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Prenatal Tri-Pack Gummy Sampler™
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Calcium Citrate Berry Wellness™ Gummies Food-Based Calcium™ Prenatal Tri-Pack Gummy Sampler™
Easily absorbed calcium citrate & Vitamin D3 in a delicious mixed berry flavor for teens & adults.*

Food-based, enhanced-absorption bone-builder.

Delicious, on-the-go prenatal nutrition. 10-day supply of Prenatal Precious Gems™, Calcium Citrate Berry Wellness™, and Omegalicious® Gummies.

Calcium Citrate Chocolate Chewable
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Calcium Citrate Mini-tabs
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Everyday Calcium™
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Calcium Citrate Chocolate Chewable Calcium Citrate Mini-tabs Everyday Calcium™
Most recommended form of Calcium in a delicious chocolate wafer!

The most physician-recommended form of calcium in an easy-to-swallow minitablet!

Bone building formula with added muscle & digestive support.

Magnesium Calcium
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Magnesium Calcium "+" ™ Osteo-Build™
Bone health plus greater muscle & tension support.

Advanced bone strength, density and repair.