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July 26, 2012
Great Blood Work results
Had blood work before and after taking the Omega Cardio Performance over the course of a year. While I had been making lifestyle changes for 10 years, my cholesterol levels were still above 200. After the last test and congratulations from both my Cardiologist and GP, I had made my break through. Total cholesterol-down 35 points (175!), Triglycerides-down 55, VLDL down 11, LDL-down 24. My LDL/HDL ratio is now 1.59 (dropped 0.39) which is below low risk! I am beating my gene pool and proud of it!
- Fran
February 2, 2012
Pure fish
Great potencies, no repeats. I know the importance of a potent fish oil for long term cardiovascular and brain support....and overall inflammatory response. But, so many can have toxins or are sourced from impure waters. This product is produced from small fish, fewer toxins naturally, in a fish gelatin soft gel (not beef or pork and contains not only EPA/dha at researched levels but also plant sterols and coq10! All in one! And, no burping (what they call repeats). So, I'm set on these!
- *
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December 22, 2011
Improved Cholesterol
I just had my physical and the Dr asked me what I had been doing differently from last year’s physical.  He said that my GOOD Cholesterol was 4 times higher than my BAD Cholesterol.  He also said that my ratio for the past years has been 1:1 good to bad, and now it is 4:1 good to bad.  I told him the only thing that I have done differently is to add Rainbow Lights Omega Cardio performance.  I take 2 a day and it proves to me that this product really does work.  I immediately emailed all my friends and told them they HAD to start taking this product.  Thank You Rainbow Light for making this product and helping me with my cholesterol!
- Sandra A