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January 27, 2013
My Dog Loves Them!
Not only do we see an improvement in our dog's joint health and strength, she also waits anxiously for her dose every morning. She views them as a treat, not like the ones we had before from the vet which we had to virtually hold her down in order to get her to take them. We are very happy with this product, and will certainly continue ordering it for as long as it continues to make our dog's life all the better for it.
- Janice
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December 20, 2012
Surfing dog back in action in no time!
My dog got injured and had to have major surgery. After he got his splint taken off 4 weeks after he got injured we had to make sure we gave him all the right stuff so he can go back to his normal busy lifestyle. We started giving Jedi the healthy motion with his food and i will tell you this from the start this dog is EXTREMELY picky! If anything is on his food he would not eat it, so i was worried about the powder form. We decided to give it a shot and put it on his food and he ate it all up. My husband and i where so surprised and thrilled that he did. Now we have been giving it to him and he getting back to his normal activities. He will be back surfing in no time. We are happy with the green dog natural products and we RAVE about it to everyone. We wouldn't give Jedi anything else. Thank you for making such products.
- Katie
September 19, 2012
Anti-inflammatories only work when they are given consistently. This product has hit the nail on the head by FINALLY putting greens, omegas, AND potent NATURAL anti-inflammatories all in a CHEWABLE pill. This product really is an all in one and most importantly it's affordable. My dog has had BOTH of her knees replaced and we've tried tons of products and this is the best by far-natural, holistic, affordable. The fact that it's chewable ensures that I'll give it to her regularly and as a person on a budget I will continue to buy it as it's affordable. I'll continue to count on Rainbow light for formulating great products.
- Melodie
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February 2, 2012
Miracle worker
We recently rescued a five year old Great Dane, Max, who was on a prescription of Rimadyl to ease his arthritis pain. This medication is known to have side effects and even shorten a pet’s life. We gave Max Healthy Motion and within just three days he started running around like a puppy again. We were amazed at the results. We slowly weaned him off the expensive and potentially dangerous Rimadyl. He is like a new dog! He is able to get up without any trouble, and his limp is completely gone. We call Healthy Motion our miracle worker.
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February 2, 2012
My Pug is happier
Healthy Motion is working on my 12 year old pug, Ogie! His arthritis has been affecting him for about 3 years now. He has been on [Healthy Motion] for 9 days, and there truly has been a difference in his ability to go up and down the stairs, he is limping less, and he has shown more interest in activity. I have only been giving him 1 pill a day, he is 28 pounds. He is not keen on the flavor, I have to put something on it or put it in a bit of bread to trick him to eat it. I will definitely keep him on this if it helps him as well as it has in the last week. He actually ran around last night for a bit, and he has not done that for quite a while. Thank you again!
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