Meet the Game Changers

An artivist in her own right, Gina is working to ensure the legacy of her father Harry Belafonte by cultivating an alliance between culture, arts and celebrity, and social activism. Gina has changed the game by helping to break the cycle of gang violence and incarceration among at-risk youth and disadvantaged communities, in a quest to provide pathways out of poverty.

A charitable donation was made to 2nd Call in recognition of Gina Belafonte's participation in the Rainbow Light Game Changer program.

Meet the game changers.

Rock star and writer Kathy Valentine, spiritual leader and independent congressional candidate Marianne Williamson, 5 Gyres co-founder Anna Cummins, social entrepreneur Betsy Hall McKinney, and social justice advocate Gina Belafonte are Game Changers. Are you a game changer too?