Rainbow Light Pain and Inflammation
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PMS Relief™
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PMS Relief™ Pain-Eze™ TheraMend™
Provides support for hormonal balance and common PMS symptoms.

The natural muscle-relaxing properties of Pain-Eze™ make it useful for occasional musclespasm or cramping.

The clinically-researched ingredients in TheraMend™ may help ease discomfort found in joints & other tissues.

ArthX® Relief
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Women's Nutritional System™
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Arthx® Relief Women's Nutritional System™
A breakthrough joint health formula, Arthx® works in three powerful ways to give you the freedom of movement to stay active and enjoy everyday physical activities comfortably.

Hormone-balancing, food-based multivitamin nourishes all the major systems of a woman’s body

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Pain & Inflammation

Our herbal alternative remedies combine proven potencies of key herbs including Boswellia, Curcumin, California Poppy, and Meadowsweet based on the latest science with supportive, synergistic nutrients to address aches and pains, muscle relaxation support, and overall healthy inflammation response. With over 30 years’ experience in the safe and effective use and identity-verification of herbal extracts, Rainbow Light has an optimal formula for everyone.