DHA 250 Smart Essentials™

Prenatal DHA Smart Essentials

It is important to consume the recommended level of Omega 3 DHA, especially for pregnant or nursing mothers, or women who are about to become pregnant. Rainbow Light Prenatal DHA supports fetal brain, nerve and eye development, and overall brain health* in just one softgel per day, with highly concentrated Omega 3 essential fatty acids plus targeted nutrients - with no "fishy" taste or smell, and no repeat. Guaranteed to be free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or additives, Prenatal DHA is also sustainably sourced and third-party tested to ensure exceptional purity and quality.

The Recommended Level of Omega 3 Support for Your Baby's Development

Prenatal DHA has 300 mg of highly concentrated Omega 3 fatty acids, (the recommended level for pregnant and nursing moms), with 250 mg DHA promote cognitive development, as well as eye and nerve support for both you and your baby - before and during pregnancy, and while nursing.*

DHA Supplement for Brain & Heart Support

Optimal combinations of 50 mg choline, and 30 IU vitamin E (100% RDV) round out this comprehensive and potent formula to provide additional support for a healthy brain, along with promoting optimal heart health.*

Pure & Sustainable

Prenatal DHA is sourced from sustainable, wild, deep ocean fish, molecularly distilled and third-party tested to ensure exceptional quality and purity. Rainbow Light sources only small fish species as they are not endangered, repopulate more quickly and accumulate fewer toxins than larger fish.

100% Post-Consumer Recycled, 100% Recyclable Eco·Guard® Packaging

Packaged in 100% recycled, 100% recyclable BPA-free Eco·Guard® packaging with a 92% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic.

Product Highlights

  • 300 mg of highly concentrated Omega 3 fatty acids, the recommended level for pregnant and nursing moms
  • 250 mcg DHA promotes cognitive development, eye and nerve support*
  • 50 mg choline and 30 IU vitamin E provide support for a healthy brain and heart*
  • Orange peel for easy digestion* and no "fishy" aftertaste
  • Sustainably sourced and third party tested to ensure exceptional purity and quality
  • No gluten, milk/dairy, yeast, nuts, eggs or sugar
  • Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and additives

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Softgel

Amount Per Serving % DV
  Calories from fat
Total Fat
1 g
Vitamin E (as d-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate)
30 IU
Choline (as Bitartrate)
50 mg
Purified Deep Sea Fish Oil
416 mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
308 mg
  Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)
33 mg
  Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
250 mg
Mixed Tocopherols
20 mg
Orange [peel] Oil
15 mg

* Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: soybean oil, yellow beeswax, silica, ascorbyl palmitate, lecithin (soy). Softgel Shell: gelatin, purified water, glycerin, natural caramel color, natural orange oil, zinc oxide, carob. Contains anchovy, sardine, mackerel and/or wild, sustainable, deep sea Pacific Ocean tuna.

Suggested Usage: Take 1 softgel daily, with or between meals as desired.

GUARANTEE: 100% natural - Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and additives. Contains no gluten, lactose/dairy, yeast, nuts, eggs or sugar.


“Amazing, no burping and 100% fish taste free. I've never taken a Fish Oil supplement that hasn't made me feel sick before. This one is amazing. When you smell the open bottle it smells like a bottle of vitamin C. There is no detectable fish odor or taste. No burps and no nauseous feelings like I've had before with this type of pill. Would highly recommend. “ Lauren

“No fishy taste. I love that these have the extra folic acid in addition to the dha. They also have choline which was something that is lacking from most prenatals. You just have to take one a day, which is very convenient.” Amber Yarbrough

“Great product. I am 4 months pregnant and I have had a lot of morning sickness I thought by adding a new vitamin in the morning would be terrible but these taste good and have no after taste or effect.” Kimbo3

Active Ingredients: 300 mg Omega 3 fatty acids, 250 mcg DHA, 200 mg folic acid, 50 mg choline, 30 IU vitamin E, orange peel