Men's MultivitaminsIt makes sense that at different times of life, we need different nutrients. While children are growing, they need more calcium to support healthy bones. When a teen is coming of age, they need more brain and focus power to support their growing brains. Men and women have specific nutritional needs at different times in their lives. Rainbow Light has specially formulated multivitamins to meet those needs at those times.


Give Teens a Brain Boost!

Rainbow Light Brain & Focus™ MultivitaminThe lives of today's teens and young adults can be stressful and demanding.  Helping your teen to nutritionally support their brain can help them focus, stay alert, and be at the top of their game.


Brain & Focus™ Multivitamins deliver a complete multivitamin, plus a Brain Support Blend (L-theanine, choline, ginkgo and potent vitamin Bs), that specifically promotes focus, concentration and energy, while also supporting the nervous system.* Natural botanicals help promote a sense of calm without sedation.* Food-based ingredients, including organic spirulina and vegetable juice extracts, provide nutrients which are often missing from teen diets.


Feeling a Little Bit Down?

Performance Energy Multivitamin for MenPerformance Energy™ For Men contains the essential vitamins, minerals and herbs that support physical and sexual health and energy while promoting stamina and endurance during the day.


This custom blend features a potent vitamin B complex for energy, brain health and stress management, vitamin D3 for colon and cardiovascular health, L-arginine and zinc to support prostate and immune system health, and a blend of organic superfoods like spirulina.  Plus our Invigorating Herbal Blend including Asian and American Ginseng, muira puama, eleuthero and saw palmetto extracts, provide added nutrition for physical and sexual energy to help you feel your best.


Life Begins at 50!

50+ Mini Tabs Age DefenseIf you are over 50, our 50+ Mini-Tab™ and our Active Senior™ Multivitamin are specially blended with a food-based formulation of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for mature, active adults.
These custom blends promotes heart, bone, immune, skin, joint and eye health and fuels metabolism. Plant-source enzymes and probiotics ease digestion, making it gentle on the stomach and especially important, they can be taken along with many prescription medications. The 50+ Mini Tab is taken in 3 small pills, while Active Senior is a one a day larger pill.


The answer to whether men need a customized vitamin is a resounding yes! Men's nutritional needs vary in their life stages similar to women. Helping them achieve the right multivitamin balance at the needed time in their lives can help them feel healthier, and become more active and ready for anything life throws at them.


We have so many options to suit any lifestyle or health need for men. Take a look at our complete selection of men’s customized multivitamins and minerals for everything from Certified Organics™to Busy Brain Relief™ to take special care of your most important asset - your health!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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