Holiday Thanksgiving Over IndulgenceA fast-paced, modern lifestyle can make it difficult to always eat a nutritious, healthy diet packed with raw foods. Especially at the holidays, many people experience digestive discomfort, weakened immunity and fatigue brought on by added stress, busier-than-usual schedules, and increased consumption of fatty, sugary foods and alcohol. Supplementing your diet with digestive enzymes can ease occasional digestive complaints and help keep your health in balance during the holidays or any time you need extra support.


Digestive Enzymes - What Are They?

Enzymes are proteins that function as catalysts, accelerating the rate of metabolic processes and reactions. Enzymes help maintain healthy tissues and support general body functions, including the healthy digestion of food. Different types of enzymes are needed to break down the variety of foods we eat. Protease digests protein, for example, while amylase, cellulase, lipase and lactase break down carbohydrates, fiber, fats and dairy, respectively. Digestion is the foundation of health, integral to optimum nutrient assimilation and overall wellness. Without digestive enzymes, the body would not be able to produce energy from the food we eat.


The pancreas is responsible for generating digestive enzymes, but our enzyme production begins to decline around middle-age, and may also be reduced by stress, eating on the run, poor food combining, illness or interfering medications. Chronic digestive enzyme deficiency may result in overworked digestive organs, poor nutrient assimilation and waste elimination, fatigue and other health issues.


Advanced Enzyme System - Digestive EnzymesRaw foods naturally contain enzymes that help with digestion, but processing and cooking food destroys natural enzymes, so unless you are eating a predominantly raw food diet, supplementing with enzymes may help reduce the stress on your digestive organs and support healthy digestion. Plant-source digestive enzymes are clinically proven to help relieve occasional digestive discomforts including bloating, gas, heartburn and stomach upset.


Why Choose Plant-Source Enzymes?

They have a wide range of pH activity and are able to withstand the conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, thus providing digestive support where and when you need it most. Advanced Enzyme System™ from Rainbow Light provides comprehensive support in a vegan formula that supplies a full range of potent, plant-source digestive enzymes to support healthy daily digestion. Advanced Enzyme System is an Allergen SafeGuard™ formula, which means it is free of gluten and other common allergens, making it a pure and natural way to supplement your healthy diet – and digestion – during the holiday season and year ‘round.