Nothing gets a woman thinking about vitamin supplements quicker than finding out that she is pregnant. For some women, this is their first experience taking a daily vitamin. Taking a multivitamin during pregnancy is important to both the developing baby and for the mother. A healthy diet obviously should be your main source of nutrients during pregnancy, but folic acid, iron and calcium are especially important during pregnancy and sometimes it is difficult to get enough of these through diet alone.


Prenatal vitamins are different from a regular multivitamin because they contain more folic acid and iron than the average multivitamin. A pregnant woman needs larger doses of folic acid and iron because when you are pregnant your blood doubles in volume to support the fetus. Iron helps the blood deliver oxygen to the baby and folic acid prevents spinal cord birth defects.


No Prenatal Prescription Needed!

“In the olden days” women asked their doctor for a prescription and off they went to the pharmacy to get prescription vitamins. Today, women simply head to the store and have a multitude of prenatal choices readily available.


How To Choose The Right Prenatal Vitamin

Rainbow Light offers many choices in prenatal vitamins. Do you prefer organic supplements? We have you covered with our Certified Organics® Prenatal Vitamins. Certified Organics® is a nutrient-rich formula made with organic fruits and veggies and a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, whole foods and botanicals contained in easy to swallow vegetarian capsules. It even contains ingredients to help sooth an upset stomach that can be so common during pregnancy. 

Do you prefer a smaller pill? Try our Prenatal Petite™ Mini-tab Multivitamin. Prenatal Petite™ gives mom all the essential vitamins and minerals she needs during pregnancy and nursing in 3 small, easy to swallow tablets. These vitamins are so gentle on your stomach that they can be taken with or between meals.


If you prefer to take your vitamin just once per day, try our Prenatal One™ Multivitamin. Prenatal One™ is a potent, whole-food based, easy to digest formula that has all the nutritional support you need to ease the daily discomforts of pregnancy and support you and your baby during your pregnancy. It also has an added benefit. Your purchase of Prenatal One™ helps fight malnutrition around the globe. Rainbow Light partners with Vitamin Angels, an international organization devoted to helping at risk infants, children and women get the nutrition they need. Rainbow Light is a founding sponsor of Vitamin Angels, donating  over 24 million supplements since 1996.


For more details view our entire line of prenatal and postnatal vitamins. Don’t forget to click on the “Dietary Needs” section in the left hand navigation to find the appropriate vitamins to fit special diets such as vegan, gluten-free, allergen free or dairy free.