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It’s almost Mother’s Day, and if you’re like lots of other mom-loving procrastinators, you’re wondering what to get your mother — and time’s running out. Instead of buying her a dozen roses or taking her out to yet another brunch, here are a half-dozen fresh ideas that will bring a smile to her face on her special day.

  1. Pretty as a Picture. Chances are, you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of photos on your computer or smartphone. But you probably don’t always take the time to single out the best ones to display. Now’s the time! Find a great photo of your mom with her kids or grandkids, print it out, and buy a nice frame for it. Or frame some of the kids’ artwork so your mom can find a place of honor for it in her office or living room.
  2. Stop and Smell the Roses. If you have roses blooming in your yard and Epsom salts in your medicine cabinet right now, you’ve already got the two main ingredients you’ll need to make rose-scented bath salts. Add baking soda, powdered milk, and rose water, put it in a pretty glass jar, and you’ve just made a thoughtful gift. Here’s the recipe.

Don’t limit yourself to roses; the petals from any fragrant flower will do.

  1. Put it in Writing. How often do you tell your mom what she really means to you? Instead of buying a card with generic flowery verses printed on it, buy a blank card and put your own thoughts to paper. Share a special memory of your mother from your childhood, or explain how she’s always been a great role model for you. This is a gift any mom would treasure.
  2. The Gift of Time. Did your mom help you make mud pies and sand castles when you were little? Now you can do it together again, in a more grownup way. Take her to a paint-your-own pottery studio, and spend some quality time together. Along the same lines, how about taking dance lessons together? Or why not buy tickets for a play, concert, or film festival you can attend with her?
  3. Foodie Fantasy. Is your mom a gourmand? Sign her up for a bread-of-the-month, cheese-of-the-month, or wine-of-the-month club, and she’ll be reminded of you all year. Or if she’s a fan of healthy eating, buy her a share in a CSA (community-supported agriculture), and she’ll get a box of locally grown fruits and vegetables every week during the growing season.
  4. Spread the wealth. A super-easy gift that will bring a smile to more than just your mom’s face is a donation to a charity handpicked by you. You can choose one that benefits a cause close to her heart, whether that’s an environmental non-profit or an aid organization. Or you can go with a Mother’s Day theme, and choose one that focuses on moms in need. This Huffington Post article highlights five worthy ones.
  5. The Gift of Well-Being. One last gift you can slip into Mom’s gift bag is a bottle of high-quality vitamins. An unusual gift to be sure, but an eminently practical one. With so many choices on the market, moms of all ages can get overwhelmed by the task of choosing the right multivitamin for them. Help her out by gifting her one you trust. Rainbow Light Vibrance Women's Multivitamin plus Stress Support has a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals the female body needs, plus a rainbow blend of fruits and vegetables and a Women’s Vitality Blend to fuel mom’s energy and vitality.* It was your mom’s job to care for your health and well-being for years. Now’s your chance to return the favor.

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