Men's Vitamins for Men's Health During All AgesA recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association determined that men who take a multivitamin every day dropped their cancer risk by 8%. That’s exciting news, because taking a multivitamin is a very simple act to boost wellbeing, especially for men who don’t consistently eat a healthy diet.


Some people think that all multivitamins are made the same, so they choose one from the grocery store shelves and expect it to fulfill their daily requirements. But men have different nutritional needs than women, and older men have different needs than younger men.


While women need higher levels of calcium and iron; according to the Harvard Medical School, healthy men should aim for more moderate intakes of dietary  and supplemental calcium to mediate possible complications of prostate cancer, and limit supplemental iron to avoid additional cancer and heart disease risk.


Rainbow Light’s line of multivitamins for men are formulated with these important distinctions in mind.


Men's Vitamin Needs Are Different than Women's Vitamin Needs


Immune Support Mens MultivitaminsMen’s One™ Multivitamin provides all the nutrients men need and none that they don’t. It contains selenium, saw palmetto extract, and lycopene to support prostate and testicle health along with antioxidants A, C, and E to promote skin, eye, and immune health plus Vitamin B to promote energy and stress management. Men’s One™ is iron-free and has only 5% of the USDA recommendations for calcium.
Performance Energy Mens Mutlivitamins Men’s Performance Energy™ also provides antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in doses designed for men’s bodies, but it includes an invigorating herbal blend to promote energy, stamina, and endurance throughout the day.

Vitamins for Senior Men


According to the USDA, men ages 19-70 share the same nutritional guidelines, but men over 70 years old need to add more calcium to their diet.


Mens Multivitamins - Active Senior Active Senior™ Multivitamin is formulated for men and post-menopausal women, free of specific vitamins and minerals that are contraindications for common health concerns. Active Senior™ is iron-free for most men and premenopausal women, PABA-free for those taking sulfa medication, vitamin K-free for those on blood thinning medication, iodine-free for those with thyroid concerns, and contains no copper, which is contraindicated for cancer patients and survivors. Calcium levels in Active Senior™ are higher than Men’s One™ at 20% RDA, so it gives the extra calcium that senior men need.


Take the time to choose the multivitamin that is right for your needs, then take it every day for optimal health.


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