There are many reasons why people choose organic products over conventional ones. Buying organic food can taste better than conventional food. Buying organics means less toxins in your body, for your family and in the environment. Buying organic products helps to re-build healthy soil and promotes biodiversity as organic farms seek the help of beneficial insects and become havens for animals and birds creating a balance of nature.

No matter your reason for buying organic products, making sense of labeling can be a challenge to consumers. The USDA has put in place a National Organic Program that ensures strict adherence of policies and regulations in order for a product to use the Organic seal on labeling. When the product you are buying is a fruit or vegetable (in other words a one ingredient food) the label “organic” is pretty clear. But when the food you are buying has many ingredients it becomes more complicated to understand what you are buying.


For a packaged food or supplement to display the USDA’s Organic label, it need only have 95% organic ingredients. Furthermore, for the label to say “Made with Organic Ingredients” it need only contain 70% organic ingredients.


At Rainbow Light we take organics seriously. We don’t want to put confusing terms on our labels, we want our products to be certified organic at every step of the process. That is why we use Quality Assurance International to certify that our products meet the most stringent standards possible. 


Certified Organics® are the first certified organic multivitamins with optimal nutrient potencies produced in Rainbow Light's U.S.A. certified organic facility with rigorous quality standards for superior purity. Certified Organics® are digestion-enhanced with enzymes, botanicals and probiotics and they enhance even the healthiest diets with organic superfood concentrates including blueberries, pomegranates, American ginseng, spirulina, milk thistle and medicinal mushrooms.


If organics are important to you, we urge you to consider our entire line of Certified Organics® Products.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.