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Seven Natural Ways to Boost Your ImmunitySpring is here, and it’s time to optimize your immune system so you can get out and participate in your favorite activities. Here are seven ways to naturally boost your immunity so you can continue to enjoy vibrant health all year long:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep. Getting seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night is essential. Inadequate sleep increases your levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. In turn, elevated cortisol can suppress your immune function and impact your health.
  2. Load up on vitamin C and zinc. Low levels of these key nutrients have been linked to poor immune health. Research has found that taking vitamin C and zinc supplements can help restore levels to fortify the immune system.[1]
  3. Take elderberry. The berries of the elder tree, also called Sambucus, have been used for thousands of years to boost the immune system. Several studies have found that consuming elderberry extract can support immune system function.[2],[3]
  4. Chomp on garlic. This vegetable has been used for centuries as a natural immune booster. It contains active protective compounds, but it’s the compound allicin that’s thought to be the most responsible for garlic’s health-supporting properties. However, some people are put off by its pungent smell and powerful flavor. Luckily, you can still reap its benefits by taking garlic extract supplements. Research has found aged garlic extract can help enhance immune function.[4]
  5. Supplement with Andrographis. This weedy shrub native to India has long been used in traditional Indian and Chinese herbal medicine. One randomized, placebo-controlled study found that supplementing with a dried extract of Andrographis for three months helped to bolster the immune system.[5]
  6. Slurp chicken soup. No food provides more soothing comfort than a hot bowl of chicken soup when you’re not feeling your best. Now research has found it may provide health benefits for your immune system. One study at University of Nebraska found chicken soup can ease the symptoms of upper respiratory distress.[6]
  7. Get intimate. Sex with your partner not only lowers cortisol, but it also can help bolster your immune system. Making love with your partner once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of immunoglobulin A. This protein helps fortify your immune system to keep it in tip-top shape.[7]

To support your immune health all-year long, Rainbow Light developed Counter Attack. This powerful formula combines potent dosages of vitamin C and zinc with therapeutic amounts of immune-supporting botanicals, such as elderberry and Andrographis, to enhance your immune function. And, to help keep your sinuses healthy and clear, the formula adds a traditional respiratory tonic blend of yerba santa, Xanthium, polygala and mullein.*

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