Staying Healthy this Cold and Flu SeasonThe weather begins to get cold and you start to notice all of the people walking around sniffling, sneezing and coughing. They may be suffering from seasonal allergy symptoms, but suddenly you are concerned about every shopping cart and door knob. Are they contaminated with cold and flu germs? How do I stay healthy if germs are spread so easily?


When the first family member falls victim is usually when most people start slurping the chicken soup, hoping to stay healthy. By that time, it may be too late to ward off a cold or flu. Instead there are things you can do before symptoms strike that will help support your body’s immunity, and vitality.


Rainbow Light Herbal Prescriptives offer an immune boosting blend to help you stay healthy this season. Formulated by Christopher Hobbs, PhD, a fourth generation herbalist, our seasonal herbal blends offer proven formulations to soothe seasonal discomfort. Counter Attack, Congest Away, Deep Defenseand Get Well Soon are four supplement blends that enhance the body’s natural resistance.


Counter Attack™Counter Attack™

Named one of the Best Supplements two years in a row by Better Nutrition Magazine, Counter Attack™ can be taken at the first signs of seasonal discomfort. It contains
a Defense Bolstering Blend that delivers a potent combination of andrographis, berberine and elderberry along with an additional boost of botanicals traditionally used to support seasonal discomforts.  It is designed to mobilize the body's acute response along with a fast-acting, stimulant-free Clear Relief Complex traditionally used to ease sinus and
respiratory discomfort.


Congest Away™ Congest Away™

Designed for when you are experiencing respiratory congestion, Congest Away™ provides fast-acting daily or long-term sinus and respiratory health support and seasonal allergy relief. Our Clear Sinus & Lung Blend featuring xanthium, yerba santa and peppermint effectively clears mucous discharge from your nose, opens your sinuses and calms upper respiratory congestion. It is filled with nutrients such as copper and zinc, vitamins A and C, plus calming
botanicals of mullein, licorice and Iceland moss, traditionally used for congestion, to comfort your lungs.


Deep Defense™

For when you really need immune support, Deep Defense™ is a highly concentrated herbal formula that strengthens and protects your body's natural defenses and daily health. Made with herbs astragulus and ligustrum and immune supporting mushrooms of shiitake and reishi, Deep Defense™ will help your body deal with stress and support a healthy immune function, when taken as directed.


Get Well Soon™Get Well Soon™

Get Well Soon™ strengthens your body's natural resistance with fast-acting support from immune supporting nutrients and herbs such as elderberry, garlic and two of the most commonly used Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients, Yin Qiao and Gan Mao Ling, that significantly reduce the symptoms of seasonal discomfort and offer powerful detoxifying support to your body.

No matter which formula is right for you, our Herbal IQ™ Guarantee program ensures thorough review by qualified herbalists of selected herbs and combinations in research-based potencies. Each ingredient goes through identity verification and purity testing before being added to the nutritional supplements at our USA-based facility.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.