Weight-bearing excercise for bone healthA few years ago, there was a story on the news about an interesting program done at a school. At specific times of day a bell would ring and the kids stood up and jumped in place. This activity helps kids develop bone density through a weight-bearing exercise, in this case jumping in place like jump roping. A lot of activity during the pre-teenand teen years helps to increase bone mass and reduces the likelihood of developing osteoporosis later in life. The bonus to this story was that the added physical activity also helped the kids concentrate in class!

You may know the benefits of calcium for bone development and strength. How  thick your bones are is one of the factors that determine if Osteoporosis may develop, but other factors that contribute are diet, health, and physical activity.

After the age of 30, bone thinning begins to occur naturally. Smoking puts you at risk of osteoporosis and actually increases bone thinning once it starts.

Of course, eating a healthy diet and taking a calcium supplement are the keys to sustaining bone health. But did you know that remaining active and doing specific types of exercise will help you maintain strong bones? These exercises, called “weight-bearing”, include walking, jogging and stair climbing, and help your muscles and bones stay strong.

The Top Weight-bearing Exercises for Bone Health

  1. Tai-chi Known as a slow, graceful and meditative exercise, Tai Chi has been found to slow bone loss in postmenopausal women.
  2. Yoga A study in Yoga Journal reported an increase in the bone density in the spine of women who did yoga on a regular basis, but it can help build bone density in the hips and wrists as well!
  3. Brisk Walks/ Hiking The impact of your feet hitting the ground can increase bone densi This exercise is great for building bone mass in the hips!
  4. Golf Swinging big clubs, carrying your golf bag and all that walking on hilly terrain adds up to a great workout for your hips and spine. Not to mention getting some Vitamin D the natural way! 
  5. Dancing Turn up the tunes and dance alone or grab a partner! Dancing is great for cardio health and for keeping bones strong!
  6. Racquet Sports Tennis, squash and even ping-pong all help increase bone density in your arms and shoulders when you hit the ball, and in your legs and hips as your feet hit the ground.

Preventing osteoporosis is a lifelong challenge. Eating a diet that includes plenty of calcium is a great first step. Vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption, so talk to your doctor to make sure that you are getting enough of both of these vital nutrients. Regular exercise including weight-bearing exercise and a supplement like Osteo-Build is a great way to  help keep bones healthy throughout your life so you can stay strong.