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Back to School Healthy Vitamins for Children

You have all the supplies you need to get your kiddos off to the first day of school.

  • School clothes – check!
  • Play clothes – check!
  • School supplies  - check!
  • Back pack – check!
  • Lunch box – check!

You and little ones are all ready to hit the ground running on their first day of school. This is going to be the best year yet! And with your support, there is nothing that they can’t accomplish.

Heading back to school can also mean being exposed to germs and fighting illness. It is important for kids to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest so their bodies stay healthy. But can you do more?

It may be a challenge to keep them well, but there are a few habits that can help your kids fight the germs that cause illness and give them a fighting chance to stay healthy!

Back to School Stay Healthy Tips

  1. “Always cover coughs and sneezes. Fail to do so can spread diseases.” Teach kids to “cover” their coughs and sneezes by coughing into the crook of their arm if they don’t have a tissue. This way the germs aren’t “caught” in their hands and spread to surfaces and other children by their hands.
  2. Keep hands away from eyes and mouth. Hands are often covered in germs. Eyes, nose, and mouth are the entry points for germs to get into our body and make us sick.
  3. Don’t share water bottles or food. Anything that goes in your mouth should not be shared with your friends.
  4. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. This is probably the expert’s number 1 rule to cut down on colds and flu. Teach kids to sing “Happy Birthday” while washing their hands to ensure that they get good and clean. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer especially before eating.
  5. Play! Getting plenty of exercise helps your body and mind stay healthy.
  6. Eat healthy foods. Eating a balanced diet is the best thing for growing bodies.
  7. Sleep. Nothing prepares a child more to succeed in school than getting a good nights rest.

All of these tips will go a long way to keep your child healthy this school year. But, we want to add one more item to this list.

No matter how healthy your diet is, Kids Multivitamins ensure that children get the recommended daily allowance of the essential nutrients they need to grow strong and stay healthy. Adding a multivitamin is one simple thing you can add to your daily routine that will support your child’s immune system*    before they head out the door.

And with so many great tasting options, there is no reason why your kids won’t want to take them! Whether they prefer a traditional chewable like Nutri Stars® Chewable Multivitamins or fun gummy vitamins like our Gummy Power Sour Multivitamin™, our vitamins for children contain a balanced profile of essential nutrients, the nourishing goodness of vegetable concentrates and probiotics to support natural digestion and support their immune system. *

So, start the school year off right and give your kids the habits that will help them stay healthy this school year!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.