Embrace Pregnancy at 35+When you are a woman in your 30’s, there are many advantages to starting a family. Chances are you are secure in your career, you have had the time to devote to yourself and your relationships and perhaps you are now thinking about starting a family. 


Though conceiving in your 30’s is likely to take longer and complications during your pregnancy may be more common, women are having healthy pregnancies later and later. Medical advances, early pregnancy tests and better technology such as ultrasound are helping women conceive and deliver healthy babies every day. In the past 20 years, the number of first-time mothers over the age of 35 has increased by 64% - proof of these great advances. 


So if you are in your 30’s (or any age really) and wanting to have a baby, there are a few things you can do before getting pregnant.  Good general nutrition supports fertility since nutritional status can affect your hormones and your ability to conceive. Zinc is a nutrient that is critical for fertility in both men and women contributing to ovulation in women and increases semen production in men. Good reasons to make sure you are getting that daily dose! 


Did you know that taking a prenatal supplement is essential to healthy moms and babies, but particularly important for prenatal health in older women? You may know that nutrients such as Folic Acid are vital to baby’s development in the first weeks of pregnancy and helps baby’s brain, skull and spinal development. But the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is essential for optimum development of the brain, eyes and central nervous system of the baby. One study showed children whose mothers took a DHA supplement during pregnancy scored higher on intelligence tests at four years of age than children of mothers not taking DHA supplements. That is compelling reason to take a supplement that is essential for you as well!


Embrace Prenatal 35+ Multivitamin
Embrace Prenatal 35+™ is the only prenatal vitamin specifically formulated for women 35 years and older. With the essential nutrients you need in optimal potencies, this formula nourishes and protects mom and baby through conception, pregnancy and nursing. It contains algae sourced calcium for skeletal growth, greens and super-foods, D3, K and Folic acid in addition to all of the other nutrients your body needs at this important time. This food-based formula also contains a Gentle Digestive Complex that includes plant-sourced enzymes and 100 million live probiotics to aid digestion and a Soothing Botanical Blend of chamomile, lavender and ginger, plus magnesium to ease nausea. 


If you have any questions about prenatal vitamins or nutrition, talk to your doctor and start this important relationship that will carry you through this important time of your life.


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