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25 Years of Fighting Malnutrition Committed to Building a Healthier World for 25 Years

Since our inception in 1981, Rainbow Light has been committed to making a difference in the lives of people in need. An essential component of this commitment has been our work with Vitamin Angels.

To mark the 25th anniversary of this important partnership, Rainbow Light has pledged to donate a portion of sales of Prenatal One and Women's One, and contribute for every share of the #ShineYourLight campaign on Instagram and Twitter, with a goal of reaching $25,000 in donations to this important cause.

Purchase Rainbow Light Women's One or Prenatal One today, or participate in the #ShineYourLight campaign, and you'll help us reach our $25,000 donation goal.

Learn more about our work with Vitamin Angels in this short video:

Common purpose

It all started with an Earthquake.

25 years ago, the Northridge Earthquake hit Southern California.

A relief agency contacted local businessman, Howard Schiffer, to request a donation of vitamins for victims. Using his connections in the natural products industry, Howard made it happen.

Inspired by witnessing first-hand how vitamins could help those in need and how crucial they can be for expecting mothers and young children, Howard founded Vitamin Angels, and the first call he made for support was to Rainbow Light.

A partnership was formed with a shared mission: To provide lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition.

In its first year, Vitamin Angels delivered over 100,000 vitamins to families in need. Over the next 25 years, Rainbow Light would donate 69 million vitamins to the cause.

Unwavering commitment

As Vitamin Angels grew, it needed ongoing contributions it could count on. Rainbow Light stepped up by tying its donations to sales of one of its top-selling multivitamins, Prenatal One. The result was an exponential increase in annual donations as sales continued to grow. This model of tying donations to product sales allowed Rainbow Light's contributions to scale, and inspired numerous corporate sponsors to join the fight.

In 2011, Rainbow Light went a step further by expanding its donation program to include Kid's One Multivitamin to reach children living in malnourished communities in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Ethiopia.

In 2015, Rainbow Light donated enough prenatal supplements to support the full Vitamin Angels outreach program to the entire country of India. 10,600 moms and babies received lifechanging nutrients for a full year.

In 2016, Rainbow Light more than doubled its donations with the 1% for Global Good program, pledging to donate 1% of all product sales in the form of multivitamins for women and children in food-insecure regions around the world.

A Solvable Cause

From delivering life-saving vitamins to deworming and nutritional counseling, Vitamin Angels reaches millions of people around the world, with eyes set on reaching millions more.

UNICEF estimates 7,000 newborns die each day. So, the goal is simple: Eradicate newborn deaths due to vitamin deficiency diseases by 2030.

In 2018, with the continued support of Rainbow Light, Vitamin Angels established the Global Prenatal Campaign with the objective of reaching 50 million women annually by 2030.

"I'm really excited about our long-term partnership and how Rainbow Light's initial commitment to donate prenatal multivitamins to Vitamin Angels has now morphed into our Global Prenatal Campaign. Science has now caught up with what we are seeing in the field – that multiple prenatal vitamins can reduce infant mortality by 29% in the first six months." – Howard Schiffer

Coming Home

Since its founding, Vitamin Angels has delivered vitamins across 73 countries internationally in highly coordinated vitamin drops within underserved communities.

This year, Rainbow Light and Vitamin Angels are working together once again, focusing on where their efforts first started... home.

According to March of Dimes' Prenatal Health and Nutrition Survey, fewer than half of US women take the recommended vitamins prior to pregnancy.

That's why Rainbow Light and Vitamin Angels have scheduled 25 vitamin drops across the United States. Rainbow Light and Vitamin Angels will personally deliver vitamins to women in need all over the country.

Vitamin Angel's work in the United States spans over two decades, but this year will be the first ever vitamin delivery orchestrated in the US.

In addition to being an active supporter of these critical vitamin drops, and to mark the 25th anniversary of our important partnership, Rainbow Light has also pledged to donate a portion of its sales from Prenatal One and Women's One multivitamins, and contribute for every social media share of the #ShineYourLight campaign with a goal of reaching $25,000 in donations.

Mothers living in difficult conditions face incredible challenges. A healthy pregnancy should not be one of them. Delivering prenatal vitamins at this unpresented scale is critical and achievable within the next decade.

Help Rainbow Light and Vitamin Angels deliver lifesaving nutrition to mom's and babies in need.

Purchase Rainbow Light Women's One or Prenatal One today, or participate in the #ShineYourLight campaign, and you'll help us reach our $25,000 donation goal.