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Vibrance Prenatal Multivitamin plus Energy Support

Supplement Facts

Vibrance Prenatal Multivitamin plus Energy Support

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  • Supports the nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing women*
  • Promotes steady energy levels*
  • Supports baby’s brain and spinal development*
  • Enhances digestion without worry of stomach upset*
120 capsules

Number of days for each bottle: 30

Number of capsules/day: 4


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Total Nourishment for the Mom-to-Be with Targeted Energy-Boosting Nutrients

Rainbow Light Vibrance™ Prenatal Multivitamin plus Energy delivers the critical nutrients—in optimal dosages—to meet the nutritional needs of moms and babies throughout pregnancy and nursing. You get 18 mg of non-constipating iron to support metabolism and red blood cell production, plus 800 IU of vitamin D to promote healthy bones and teeth. To help prevent neural tube defects and promote baby’s healthy brain and spinal development, the formula includes 800 mcg of folic acid.*

With a complete B-complex, the formula supports energy levels. To promote immune function, Vibrance Prenatal Multivitamin plus Energy includes vitamins C, D, and E, plus zinc. And, to ease digestive complaints and promote gut health, the formula includes 25 million CFU of probiotics, prebiotics, and a full spectrum of plant-sourced digestive enzymes.*

Wholesome Food-Based Easy-to-Digest Formula

With an Organic Greens Energy Blend of spirulina, broccoli, and kale, Vibrance Prenatal Multivitamin plus Energy provides added nutrition and natural energy support. For wholesome nourishment, the formula includes an Organic Nourish & Protect Blend of nutrient-dense foods like pomegranate, blueberry, lingonberry/cranberry, and beet. And, organic artichoke and ginger helps ensure the formula is easy on the stomach.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Purity Safeguard

Purity Safeguard

Made with natural, purity tested ingredients and NO artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners. Vegetarian,

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Best organic prenatal product!!! Finding an organic prenatal that will benefit me and my baby is vital for me during my pregnancy. This prenatal gives me... Read more By Meli
Excellent Product Finding an organic prenatal that would benefit me and my baby was vital for me during my pregnancy. This prenatal gives... Read more By Meli

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