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  1. Kids One™ Multivitamin
    Kids One™ Multivitamin
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Choosing the Best Vitamins for Children and Teens

Around the world, more children (and their mothers) are surviving today than ever before, in part because they are receiving the care and assistance they need to grow and thrive. Here in America, the percentage of young children in “excellent or very good health” is 86.3 percent, and for teens that number is 82.8 percent. Still, there is room for improvement—especially when it comes to diet and nutrition...


  • 92% would consider purchasing another Rainbow Light product
  • 90% are somewhat or extremely satisfied with the brand
  • 88% say they would recommend it to friends or family
  • 88% agree Rainbow Light Multivitamins are easy to digest
  • 82% feel it improves their overall health and wellness
  • Source: November 2019 Numerator survey (Rainbow Light Multivitamins WO,MO,PO)

"We have been using this vitamin for years. Both of my kids love the taste. I love that it includes everything you could want in a vitamin, so there’s no need to buy iron or other common stand alone vitamin products."