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  1. Women's One™ Multivitamin
    Women's One™ Multivitamin
    $16.49 From $16.49
  2. Active Adult 50+™ Multivitamin
    Active Adult 50+™ Multivitamin
    $49.99 From $49.99

Your immune system is faced with challenges every day that can test its mettle. However, if you start with a strong foundation of support, your body is better able to address those hurdles and keep you feeling your best...


  • 92% would consider purchasing another Rainbow Light product
  • 90% are somewhat or extremely satisfied with the brand
  • 88% say they would recommend it to friends or family
  • 88% agree Rainbow Light Multivitamins are easy to digest
  • 82% feel it improves their overall health and wellness
  • Source: November 2019 Numerator survey (Rainbow Light Multivitamins WO,MO,PO)

"We have been using this vitamin for years. Both of my kids love the taste. I love that it includes everything you could want in a vitamin, so there’s no need to buy iron or other common stand alone vitamin products."