Power of Immuno Building GreensMom always would say eat your vegetables, but we think that Popeye was on to something! Eating dark, leafy greens is paramount to good health. Loaded with vitamins like A, K and C, minerals like calcium, antioxidants to fight free radicals and fiber to aid digestion. Leafy green vegetables are nutritional powerhouses that may help you fight against heart disease, diabetes and to alkalize your body to help fight disease.


Americans certainly don’t get enough kale, collards, swiss chard and spinach in their diet each day. When you are busy getting the kids from school to soccer practice or running from meeting to meeting, it is hard enough remembering to get dinner on the table let alone make sure it is a healthy balanced meal. So how do you ensure that you are eating the right foods to keep your body healthy?


Rainbow Light offers solutions to this dilemma of making sure you are getting the nutrients you and your family need to keep your body running like a finely oiled machine.
Certified Organics Immuno-Build GreensA good multivitamin, like our Certified Organics® Men’s Multivitamin and our Certified Organics® Women’s Multivitamin is a great supplement for men’s and women’s health needs and ensuring that you are getting the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. But you can take it a step further with our Certified Organics® Immuno-build Greens™!


Each capsule contains concentrated phytonutrients that target cell integrity for the optimum energy and vitality – think Popeye! You simply mix one rounded tablespoon of the powder greens supplement in 6-8 ozs of water or juice. This new and improved formula has a refreshing apple-watermelon flavor. Loaded with wheatgrass, vegetables and mushrooms, Certified Organics® Immuno-Build Greens is an easy way to support health and vitality.


Drink your greens for a difference you can feel!


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