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Children & Teen Health

Every parent wants the best multivitamins for optimal children and teen health—Rainbow Light® can help.
  1. Kid’s Counter Attack ™ Elderberry Gummies
  2. Kid's Multivitamin Gummies + Brain & Eye Support*
  3. Teen Multivitamin Gummies
    Teen Multivitamin Gummies
  4. Active Health™ Teen Multivitamin
    Active Health™ Teen Multivitamin
    High-Potency Multivitamin for Growing Teens
    From $15.99
    Out of Stock
  5. Sunny Gummies™ Vitamin D3 400 IU
  6. Teen Girl's Multivitamin plus Healthy Skin Support*
    Teen Girl's Multivitamin plus Healthy Skin Support*
    Multivitamin Healthy Skin Support for Teen Girls
    Out of Stock
  7. Brain Health Support Multivitamin
    Brain Health Support Multivitamin
    Multi + Brain Health Support for Teens and Adults*
    Out of Stock
  8. NutriStart Multivitamin Powder™
    NutriStart Multivitamin Powder™
    Out of Stock
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